Facebook, I’m facing the music.

Mostly because

  • I’ve seen “likes” turn to regrets;
  • so many other sites start out simple and then turn complicated;
  • Facebook has had some controversy about security;
  • I simply do not accept everything shoved at me;
  • not many people communicate with me on Facebook;
  • exposing anything about ones life can lead to misunderstandings;
  • security experts post about not revealing much about ones self online;
  • I’m not much of a poster…

I’ve decided to close my Facebook.

Yay, membership #168 can be deleted from my records.


So the revolution is here… permanent cellphone batteries.

Many months ago, I stopped into Best Buy to get my cellphone looked at. While I waited, the Eastern Regional Sales Manager for Motorola Mobility was visiting that store. I had a brief moment with him, and he showed me the future – a newer phone, naturally. I observed that there was no battery door, and asked what was up with the back – did he have a case on it? No, the next generation of cellphones will not offer removable batteries. The batteries will be molded into the phone, and when the battery dies, you go get a newer phone. No, it won’t last 8 years, maybe barely more than 2 years, just long enough to get you to the next contract renewal. I asked why this was happening, since I was a customer who bought an original Razr V3 and put the extended battery in it – I wanted to remain cord free for as long as possible, and on my enV Touch, the battery failed about 16 months into the 2 year contract – I had to buy a replacement battery, I explained to the man. He responded that the cellphone service providers were pushing for these built in designs, and after all, they are subsidizing the price, so they should have some say in the matter. I responded, firmly, “Do NOT do this”. My thoughts are that we consumers do not NEED to be forced to be a disposable society any more than we already are. ME, I do not desire to change, outside of gaining functionality that I desire (for practical reasons, not just the ‘me too’ feelings). So, here they are, on the market, hope you like the future you were sold.

Hello world!

I joined. I then forgot all about the membership. I returned today, I logged in and tried to edit the “first post” that WordPress inserts into your blog.  I submitted the edit, I waited for the page to reload.  I have 3MBPS DSL, the page reload took over 45 seconds to complete.  I see that the webpage which took so long to load needed over 200 different elements to be downloaded: 178 items which Firefox classifies as ‘links’, 40 items called ‘media’. In the media class, there are images (“http://s-ssl.wordpress.com/i/wpcombar_bkg-grey.png”) which are 1 pixel wide and just 56 pixels tall. Good gravy, people, 45 seconds for DSL to load a single page?

Talk about ‘web improvements’ that are shoved at us yet nobody sees any difference!