Hello world!

I joined. I then forgot all about the membership. I returned today, I logged in and tried to edit the “first post” that WordPress inserts into your blog.  I submitted the edit, I waited for the page to reload.  I have 3MBPS DSL, the page reload took over 45 seconds to complete.  I see that the webpage which took so long to load needed over 200 different elements to be downloaded: 178 items which Firefox classifies as ‘links’, 40 items called ‘media’. In the media class, there are images (“http://s-ssl.wordpress.com/i/wpcombar_bkg-grey.png”) which are 1 pixel wide and just 56 pixels tall. Good gravy, people, 45 seconds for DSL to load a single page?

Talk about ‘web improvements’ that are shoved at us yet nobody sees any difference!


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